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Speakeasy is a great platform to learn English easily. The teaching method they have adopted is very interesting and easy to learn. The other main thing is the support of the trainers. We can communicate with the trainers without any hesitation. They are very supportive. The google meet sessions are very helpful to revise the topics again. I’m very much satisfied with this course.
Saravan Kumar TM
I’m really happy because I found a platform where I can practice English well on my own time, I wholeheartedly appreciate the entire team of Speakeasy English Academy for how they organize each class well. Each techniques help to keep in mind because of their special names and presentations are absolutely related to common life and are very useful in casual conversations. Personal trainer is always willing to help. Thank you Speakeasy. God bless you all.
Nisha Sam
Speakeasy is a very good platform to learn English. It helped me to enhance my knowledge. During my course, a personal trainer was always with me to support. I could improve my speaking ability with the help of Speakeasy and my personal trainer Thrishna ma’am. I would like to thank all the instructors of Speakeasy for their valuable help.
Anju Sree
Thank you so much Speakezy for giving me a wonderful platform to learn English in fluently...! When I was joining Speakeazy I don’t know how to speak English in fluently. But now I know and I can . I like the way of teaching and I can understand. The learning methods and tasks are very unique and different. So very easy to understand.
Raihana Febin
Speakeazy is a very good platform to learn english. The teaching method is interesting. They are providing so many techniques and those are very interesting. Also we can easily understand the techniques. I have been improving my fluency in English day by day. I feel more confidence to speak English. Thank you all for working behind this wonderful techniques and also thank you my trainer zerin.
Deepthi Das
Speak Easy English Academy is one of the best platform for learn in english fluently. I was very poor in speak and communication skill before joining in this institution. But now I enhance my speaking power because of speak Easy.Then I liked the interacting way of teaching especially their amazing techniques. Trainer’s guidance is very helpful me for improving my skill in english .This is the best institution I have ever seen .Thank you Speak Easy.
Priyanka S Lal