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Speakeazy English Academy was founded in 2008 by Masdooq Nizami with an aim to gear up the acquisition of English Language learning among the public. The aim behind starting this never seen venture was to educate the public and empower them in the English language. Speakeazy English Academy is heading vibrant as one of the best training institutes in India by its unique method and approach to coaching and training in English.

Apart from the conventional method of teaching English as a second language, Speakeazy has developed a unique method that boosts the confidence of the learner to learn and acquire English language skills. The CTLP(Codes and Tasks based Learning Program) developed by Speakeazy is evolving as the new trend in English language learning.

Speakeazy runs Eight language learning centres in the major cities of Kerala and as part of the current time demand, it facilitates the online mode of English learning. Speakeazy English Academy never compromises in quality of training and its utmost aim is learner satisfaction.

Why should you join us?

There are three prime reasons for you to choose Speakeazy

Research and innovation : We are unique in the area of training as we thrive to deal with the learners’ difficulties with systematic innovations through periodical research in the area of English language teaching. When all the other training providers resort to the same old-fashioned method of teaching which makes learners lose interest, we keep our course and our trainers updated so that the aspirants of the English language love the way they learn and get that energy and confidence to speak and continue the pursuit of learning forever.

15 years of experience : You must have seen training institutes coming up in the nook and corner of every city like mushrooms. They often try to lure the learners of English by offering hyperbolized results and fail to keep their words because of their lack of experience and expertise in the area of training. Speakeazy English Academy has a legacy of successful 15 years in the industry. We have been in forefront of training and helping the youth of Kerala by equipping them with the skills like good communication skills in English, Public speaking, job interview skills, business communication, and so on.

Technological advancement : Speakeazy English Academy has always given the foremost attention to incorporating technology to provide the learners with the best learning experience. Our learning app proves it as our students have their lessons on the app in HD quality video format. Apart from that, the quality of our reels and podcasts on social media platforms gives our students and followers a visual treat that makes learning new words and phrases easier than they can ever imagine. Our learning app and social media platform are going to be richer than they are as we are on the go of adding more and more content and courses to them.

Director Talks

The study of the English language in this age of communicative abundance is of utmost importance. The entire world has embraced this language of opportunities in an unprecedented way which has made people, regardless of their origin, obliged to learn it. In India, people of different states have their language however the English Language plays the role of a connecting link among them. The way that the English language is taught in India always begged for a change as the graduates of most of the Indian universities were four unemployable due to their poor communication skills in English. Many organizations started many skill development programs aiming at equipping the youth with the skill of speaking decent English. Even though the result was not as expected, there was a wave of change in society as graduates who attend finishing schools could embark on their dream careers. This made parents aware of the need for English for their children and educational organizations think about opening spoken English institutes in every town. Without taking much time many training institutes started coming up with spoken English programs. The quality of the courses provided at those training institutes was suspect. All of them were doing more harm than good to the learners of English. They failed in initiating a new method of teaching instead of the conventional grammar-based way of learning. Realizing this obvious vacuum of quality in the area of spoken English training, Speakeazy English Academy came up with a phenomenal approach by introducing the CTLP method of learning. As the Codes and Tasks Bases Learning gained ground people started to fulfil their dream of speaking English. We understand that Skill development should not be done through mugging up theories but through practice and that is why Speakeazy English Academy has become the number training institute in India. Today (2022) we have reached the milestone of two hundred thousand satisfied students and five hundred online trainers. We have also been the best IELTS and OET training providers on offline and online platforms. This triumphant journey of Speakeazy will never come to an end as long as aspirants of English and English language tests look for quality training courses.

Masdooq Nizami


We Have a Great Team

Our team is led by Mr. Mazdook Nizami, the founder of Speakeazy English Academy. Over the last 13 years, the team has grown into a great pool of 500+ trainers and 100+ managers from different branches.

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Chief Executive Officer
Razik AC
Hafil Khan
Niyas Palasseri
Lukman Haz
Suhai YP
Raoof V Umar